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Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
new york station. the video shows the suspect arguing with the victim minutes before his he pushed him off the platform. >> you never know who's going to push you onto the tracks or the street. >> reporter: those concerns led new york mayor michael bloomberg call's for calm. >> i don't think you have to worried about getting pushed off the platform. it's such a rare occurrence. >> reporter: regardless many riders say they'll be staying far away from the edge of the platforms for now. abc news, new york. >>> a bus crash on an icy oregon highway kills nine people and leaves 20 others hurt. it happened just west of an area called dead man's pass. a charter bus lost control on the snow and ice covered highway, busted thaw guardrail and went several hundred feet down a steep embankment. rescue workers had to use ropes to bring survivors back up the hill in freezing temperatures. >>> new video out of russian where a 5th person has died following the plane crash. the moment of impact was captured on the dash board camera of a car as you see there. it crashed into the side of a highway sending
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
. . >> a few miles away, jack pinto, also six, who's favorite new york giants player wore his name on his cleats during sunday's game. >> i was honored. . >> jack's friends from the wrestle l ling team showed up today in their uniforms. at anews conference, the usually stoic state trooper choked up when asking for privacy for the families. >> this time i can take a couple of questions. >> he also revealed there were two adult survivors of the smooting -- shooting. >> certainly, they will shed a great deal of light on the circumstances of this tragic investigation. >> with the school remaining a crime scene, sandy hook students will be attending an unused middle school in a neighboring town. . >> so, how do you get a break from the heart break? you take your kids to the mall just like when you were young. >> tonight, let them be kids, let them sit on santa's lap. let them watch the trains and make a wish list. >> i think i want a gum ball machine. >> a race car. >> a doll. >> let butterflies float in their stomach as excitement builds over the next eight days for the last four
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
island, new york coast. so i think we will get precipitation out of this. not the big lull that you get with some of the winter storms. talking about two different potential winter tracks. we will get the second track with accumulation. it looks like the rain-storm southwest of the immediate baltimore area, south of the eastern shore where the rain will be, a mix between those two lines and the snow tapering off by 2:00 on saturday afternoon. annapolis will be all snow. in the snow totals maybe one to three inch rain generally across the bomb area and one to two inch scenario and in the west, four to five inches including carroll county and right along the maryland- pennsylvania state line, could see more there. 26, mostly cloudy diminishing winds and 40s, not a huge deal weatherwise. let's go to the seven-day forecast because thing will change. snow moving in late saturday night, i'm sorry, friday night into early saturday morning through the day saturday. more wintery weather. expect a slick scenario in the morning. just a few inches is all it takes when it sticks. i think the roads w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3